What We Do

At Smart Investor, we listen, rather than talk. Through detailed conversation and discovery, we learn about your current and future needs, concerns, opportunities and goals that have a financial implication. We then use our experience and our team to design and manage a 401(k) plan that helps you manage your different responsibilities.

What We Will Do For You

As your 401(k) partner, Smart Investor will provide honest and forthright advice in developing and delivering comprehensive solutions to your company and plan participants by:

  • Putting the interests of the plan sponsor, trustee and plan participants first by serving as a fiduciary to and collaboratively working with you to achieve your respective goals;
  • Enhancing the probability of your profitability by attracting and retaining productive employees by efficiently managing your ERISA fiduciary responsibility and by making plan participants more aware of the benefits they receive from you;
  • Assisting plan participants to confidently accumulate and manage their retirement wealth and to better understand how your company’s retirement plan can better meet their personal goals.

Discretionary Advisor Services

Smart Investor offers discretionary investment management and comprehensive wealth management services focused on the objectives, time horizon and risk expectations of our clients. You appoint Smart Investor to manage the Plan’s securities portfolio on a discretionary basis as an independent fiduciary and “investment manager” [as defined in ERISA section 3(38)].

Fiduciary Liability Coverage

Smart Investor has errors and omissions and ERISA fiduciary liability insurance coverage. We also have an Investment Advisor ERISA bond in accord with ERISA Section 412.