What Makes Us Unique

A strong 401(k) plan can motivate and reward your employees. However, many plans leave employees with little control over or understanding of their own retirement assets.

Smart Investor Offers More

  • We provide informed guidance and a personalized plan that helps your employees realize the potential of their 401(k). Using our extensive experience in wealth management, Smart Investor works directly with your employees to understand their hopes and dreams. Then we develop a customized plan to help them turn those dreams into reality.
  • Smart Investor is a retirement plan specialist. We work one-on-one with plan participants to make sure they are aware of their investment options, from conservative to aggressive model investment portfolios. Our ongoing services are efficient and competitively priced, and we monitor and adjust each employee’s plan over the years so it continues on the path to meet their needs. We pride ourselves on this type of high level, personalized service.
  • We specialize in and enjoy working with small to mid-sized businesses and organizations. As small business owners ourselves, we understand your commitment to your employees and their future. Smart Investor provides guidance designed to make a meaningful difference in your employees’ lives.
  • Smart Investor is fluent in the many rules and regulations surrounding employer-sponsored retirement plans. We work closely with you to help ensure that you are meeting all of your legal obligations as a plan sponsor.

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