For Plan Sponsors

A key value that Smart Investor provides retirement plan sponsor clients is a process through which they can delegate and shift many of their responsibilities to us.

Retirement plan sponsors face what can be daunting challenges in their efforts to comply with the complex regulations of retirement plans. They need to feel confident in the service providers they engage so they can receive information in a timely manner and feel assured that the fees they are paying are not excessive.

Most plan sponsors are also faced with the potential risk to their personal assets as they are held to a “Prudent Expert” standard in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities to the plan beneficiaries. Our Fiduciary Retirement Plan Investment Management Process is designed for those retirement plan sponsors who want to properly delegate their investment fiduciary responsibilities to a qualified prudent expert and thereby minimize their personal liability exposure.

We deliver the same personal approach and client understanding to our corporate clients that we proudly provide to our private clients.

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